Friday, December 4, 2009

My latest book...

My latest book is "The Great Brain". The Great Brain is actually a series of seven books. They are about a Catholic family named the Fitzgeralds they live in a small town in Utah called Adenville. There are three brothers John  ( the author), Tom  (the main character) and Sweyn (he is at school in Pennsylvania during most of the books). It's based in the mid to late 1880's and their true stories. Tom is 12 years old and he is richer than all the kids in Adenville and some of the adults. "How does he get so rich?" you may ask... well Tom is also one of the smartest people in Adenville (except for his father... the only one in the town who went to college).Tom, by one means or another, gets things from people (by trading or any of his other tricks) and than sometimes sells them to other kids who don't have one. Sometimes Tom will make bets that other kids are almost positive he will lose, so they bet money, but he ends up winning just about always.

        In one of my favorite chapters one of the kids (Parley Benson) gets a quarter horse for his eleventh birthday (in the time of the chapter he was 14) and every year at the annual 4th of July parade he races all the other mustangs, mares, quarter horses, and saddle horses against his horse in a quarter mile race and he always wins. Than one year after he continues to boast about winning Tom tells John that he just can't stand Parley's boasting any more and he is going to put a stop to it. So he suggest that he is going to race his mustang, Dusty, against Parley's quarter horse, Blaze. Of course Tom's mustang wins, but Tom says that he will race on Parley's quarter horse and Parley will ride Dusty, but Tom says he will beat the mustang in a mile long race... That is just what he did! When they raced the next Saturday Tom did win! The way he did it was that he ran Blaze around the track one time (the track once around was a quarter of a mile) than after the first time around he slowed him down to a walk than just as the mustang was catching up he broke him back out into a run. Tom ended up winning by ten yards.

This and many other chapters are waiting in the books for someone else to read them. I definitely (needless to say) recomend these books. My older brother very much enjoyed them and I really like them too. They are one of the few  real laugh-out-loud-books that I've read. I would call the series VERY enjoyable!

Favorite Poem Friday...

Well, technically I made it up while I was coming home from my Grandmom's but I think that it may work...

   The Last Few Hours Before
                           As we wait
                           The last few hours before
                           The celebration of the birth
                           Of the Almighty King by the eternal shore
                           As we wait to celebrate
                           The coming of the Lord to earth
                           We begin to think of miracles
                           That happened because of his birth
                           As we think of presents
                           We may get this year
                           We will also think of the presents
                           We will give the Lord when He arrives down here
                           As we begin to thank God
                           In every single way
                           We say to those on earth
                          "Merry Christmas Day"