Friday, June 12, 2009


On May 31, Cathy spotted our dog Brigid's second litter of puppies. Her first litter was a little brown dog that we named Ella and a little black black dog we named Meme. We think the Daddy was a stray black lab that would stop by our house every once in a while. In the end we ended up giving away Ella to the church and Meme to some friends who lived close by.

This time (as you see in the pictures) she had a little black and white one and one that's grey, white, and black. The black and white one is a girl and the grey, black, and white one is a boy. We haven't decided on names yet. We think that the Daddy is an abandoned shelty that wanders around the town. But we don't know for sure yet!!

~by Theresa

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