Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Latest Book...

I just finished reading Augustine Came to Kent, by Barbara Willard. It tells about a time when St. Augustine of Canterbury went to Kent. It is also about a young boy named Wolf and his father, who go along with St. Augustine and his fellow monks in 597.
Wolf's birthplace was England, but when raids started, Wolf and his family were taken to be sold as slaves. The raiders brought them to the Roman market place to be sold, and St. Gregory bought them and brought them to a house where they could live. He arranged for Wolf's father to be the helper of the farmers in that area. There, Wolf and his family lived for about 8 years until they were invited by St. Augustine to come to England to help bring Catholicism to it. His father refused the first request saying that he had to stay in Rome with his family. Soon after, though, Wolf's mother died.
The first time St. Augustine and his fellow monks set off, they were unable to make it all the way to England, so they sailed back. Wolf's father decided that St. Augustine and the monks came back because God was trying to tell them that they were supposed to go with them. Wolf's father left Wolf's sister in the care of dear friends and he and Wolf, who was 12 at the time, set off with the monks. Then, when they tried to make the journey again, they succeeded in getting all the way to England.
Because Wolf knew English, he was able to translate for the monks when they were in England trying to make conversions. In England he met a girl named Fritha. She and her father, like all the Englishmen, were pagans. Fritha had been promised to her cousin before they were old enough to protest. Soon after the family and the monks came, she and her father were their first conversions. Fritha later said that she not only had made a vow not to marry her cousin the day she was baptized, but had promised to marry Wolf.
But, her evil uncle was furious at hearing of their baptism and found a way to punish them...
There is alot of adventure and excitement in this book. If you want to find out what happened to Wolf and Fritha and if the Augustinians succeeded in converting England, you can find the book here.
~ by Theresa

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