Monday, April 27, 2009

An Update On What's Going on Here...

We just got 10 pretty hens on Saturday! They are all different breeds. We named them Victoria, Henrietta, Miss Persnicketty (or Persy), Tricky Wu, Miss Marple, Tink, Penny, Maple, Opal, and BooBoo Chicken.

Here are pictures of all of them (I think). The first picture is of Penny, Tink, Henrietta, and of Maple. The second is of Miss Marple and Tricky Wu. The third is of Maple and Opal. The fourth is of Miss Persnicketty (or Persy). The fifth is of BooBoo Chicken. The last is of Victoria, our Clydesdale chicken.

We have gotten 6 eggs the first 2 days that they have been here!

~by Theresa

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