Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feast of St Agatha

St. Agatha was born in Sicily into a wealthy family. As an infant St. Agatha's parents dedicated her to Christ. For all her life she served God well and was always ready to die for the love of Him. St. Agnes was arrested by an evil Roman named Quintanus because she was a Catholic, but also because he wanted her to marry him. Agatha would never marry him because she was dedicated to Christ.

"O Jesus Christ" she cried as she set off on the journey to the prison, " All that I am is Thine; preserve me from this tyrant".

And Our Lord did preserve her. Even though Agatha was in the care of an evil person, she stayed pure and good while in prison. God gave her strength to stay firm and not fall into temptation when Quintanus offered her safety in exchange for sin.

Quintanus lost patience and sent Agatha to the torturers, but she never lost her faith in God. After being cut up and rolled over broken pottery, Agatha prayed for God to take her to Heaven, which He did.

St. Agatha is an incorruptible.
She is the patron saint of nurses and breast cancer patients.

~ by Theresa


Natalie said...

Very nice post, Theresa. I will enjoy reading more from your point of view from the prairie. Hope you have a good day!

Mamabear said...

I'm praying a novena to St. Philomena right now. Praying to a particular saint always makes me think of people who share their name. :)
I'd love to hear who you chose for your Confirmation saint and why you chose her. If you're looking for a reason to post . . .

MightyMom said...

Lovely post!

well, except for the cut up and rolled over broken pottery part. that was GROSS!


enjoy your blog dear, it's a lovely place to visit.

Laura said...

I loved reading about St. Agatha when I was young. This is a clear and thoughtful description of her model life.

SuzyQ said...

I love your blog Theresa! What a great job you have done here.
I know Emmy will definatly love to read it too!
She is a big "Little House" fan by the way :0)