Sunday, February 8, 2009

This is Interesting!

Who knows who the oldest person in the world actually is? I did some research last night and I found so many places claiming that they had the oldest person in the world, but I only found one place that didn't say something like: Mr. Shigechiyo Izumi is THOUGHT to be the oldest person ever. Out of this list can anyone guess who was the only one that was known to be older than 110?

Those Who Have Passed Away

Mr. Shigechiyo Izumi

120 years old

died February 21 1986

Maria Capovilla

122 years old

Died December14, 2005


Elizabeth MaPampo

128 years old
Died October 3 2003

Mrs. Jeanne Calment

122 years old

Died November 26, 2008


Those Still Living

Bertha Fry
113 years old

Edna Parker

114 years old


Maria da Silva

125 years old

Can you guess which one has records to prove their age?







Jeanne Calment was the only one that we know for a sure thing that she was 122. She was born February 16 1896 in Arles France. This is a picture of her at her 122nd birthday. She died last November.

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Natalie said...

That is very interesting. I wonder if she has a memoir to tell about her life and all the changes she saw in this world. Hope you are having a good day!