Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Simple Girl Tuesday

Outside my window... it's rather dull and gray, we're expecting either rain or snow soon
I am thinking about... my French lessons with a lady at church
From the kitchen... the dishwasher is running
I am creating...some embroidery which I got for Christmas
I am reading... a book from our library called " A Girl of the Limberlost"
I am hoping... we can go up to Spokane this summer
I am hearing... Mommy on the phone
Around the house... Bella had her puppies and Paul proposed to Nicole
Few Plans For The Rest of The Week... going to a St. Valentines day skate party on Friday.
~ by Theresa


emmy said...

I really love this post do mind if I borrow the simple girl tuesday day book for my own blog. I really enjoyed reading it. I love your blog design by the way. I am a big 'little house' fan!

Lisa said...

Of course you can use it! I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. I really like yours,too.